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Adult Acrylic Painting for the Beginner

Acrylic painting is a great medium for the beginner as it dries quickly, is opaque, relatively inexpensive, and can be easily mixed. In this class we will invest some time into color theory and mixing, will create a painting together and discuss composition and will also have the opportunity to create a masterpiece of your own creating. .

Fundamentals of Drawing 

Students will develop basic drawing and design skills. This class was specifically designed to clarify the traditional fundamentals that are needed to understand the basic principles of Drawing and Visual Communication. Topics include: Line, Shape, Form, Value, Layout, and Simple Perspective. 


Oil Painting Class (8 Weeks)

Class Overview:  This class provides a systematic approach to the materials and practices of oil painting.  Emphasis will be placed on form, value and chroma. Instruction includes how to achieve an initial wash-in, lay-in as well as finishing touches. The information extends to all subject matter be it portrait, figure, still-life or landscape. Monochromatic and limited pallet color schemes will also be explored. A supply list will be given at the first class. Please come with a sketchbook and a 4B pencil.  


Class Description: This class provides a systematic approach to the materials and practices of oil painting. This class will cover painting from a still life to working from photographs. Focus will be placed on composition, identification of major shapes, and application of value and color. Monochromatic and limited pallet color schemes from still life’s will be explored for the first painting. Please come with original photographs of what you would like to paint. Oil paints are messy, they can take a week to dry and smear easily. Dress accordingly.

Fred Moss Oil Painting